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At Independence Pet Group® (IPG), we are dedicated to elevating the world’s understanding of pets and how to care for them. We are uniquely positioned as North America’s third-largest pet insurance organization* and a leading pet adoption software provider to assist pet owners as they make care-related decisions throughout their pet’s life.

The portfolio of brands and services that we own and partner with helps us further our mission to strengthen the bond between pets and their people. They include:

  1. 24Pet
  2. AKC Pet Insurance
  3. ASPCA Pet Health Insurance
  4. Chameleon
  5. Figo
  6. Hartville Pet Insurance
  7. Independence American Insurance Company
  8. Pet Cloud
  9. Pethealth
  10. Petkey
  11. PetPartners
  12. PetPlace
  13. PetPoint
  14. Pets Plus Us
  15. Third Party Pet

Our mission to strengthen the bond between pets and their people is at the core of our company culture and translates into our innovative products and services. Guided by our values of belonging, collaboration, independence, growth, empathy, simplicity, and adventure:

We cultivate a sense of Belonging by recognizing team members, making them feel accepted, and celebrating what makes them unique.

We encourage Collaboration as we strive to create a natural interdependence between all of our brands, teams, and employees.

We celebrate Independence and give a runway to our team members to spread their wings and explore, returning ready to share what they have learned.

We recognize that investing in the development of our team members spurs Growth everywhere.

We acknowledge that if we lead with Empathy, we’ll build bridges and long-term connections.

We strive to cut through the noise and find Simplicity in everything we do.

We employ an enterprising mindset, an Adventure that pushes us past our comfort zones and leads us to new realizations.

*Based on 2021 NAPHIA premium data.

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